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Help for a Wholesome Life

(Wholesome: Conducive to good health and physical well-being)

Hi, welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting, I hope to hear from you.

Writing a blog is new to me, but writing is not. I always loved to write. I struggled with numbers, but loved words and playing with them.

My first story I wrote in first grade, with a tiny golf pencil a neighbor had given me, The Little Green Duck. It was a story of the rejection and isolation of one who was born different, was not like the rest. The main character is redeemed when he stumbles upon, enters, and wins a contest, "a duck one, . . . and that was how the little green duck was good at something.” It was exciting and satisfying to write that story, and to receive the delight of my parents when I shared it. I knew then I wanted to be a writer.

As life would have it, I didn’t write my first book until 51 years after that, and after relinquishing plans to be a professional writer. The Lord had to give me a story to write about, first!

During those years, I served Him in ministry with my husband. We came to be involved in health and healing, and that, too, was forged in childhood. My mother was an Adele Davis fan, and gave us supplements and healthy food. At the time I balked at much of it, but as the Lord says: “Raise a child up in the way he should go and he will not depart from it.”

I never planned for what I achieved in my life, I simply obeyed and trusted the Lord, who in His time gave me the desires of my heart. Of course a lot of hard work went into each step, each chapter, of living and working whatever job was at hand. Most of what I’ve accomplished came out of adversity.

Through this blog I’ll share what I’ve learned about natural health and healing, and answer questions that pertain to physical and spiritual health. My information will be outside “the mainstream,” as my life has been, but there you find the gems.

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