Confront the Blank and Begin!

Now that my first book is being published, many of my friends are asking how I wrote it. For this blog post, I’ll address that question.

Some want to know how I literally went about the process. Seems they, too, have a book stewing inside them!

I’ve read that one must begin with an outline. I did not. If it helps you to do so, fine, but it’s not necessary and would have been a block for me.

My intense experience of being sued by the government after 30 years in ministry gave me the subject for my book, and family and friends gave me the motivation, saying over and over: “You MUST write the story!” What I discovered, is that once I felt compelled and couldn’t put it off any longer, it was simply a matter of turning on the computer, opening a “New” Word Document, facing the blank, and beginning. With no outline or plan, I just started to type.

I’ve read authors' comments about their book seeming to write itself. As with any artistic endeavor, I believe that's how it often happens. There is creative potential inside us that is only unlocked as we begin, the “muse” of old said to visit the artist.

The truth is, God has created us in His image, and He is a creative God. It is His Spirit, his divine energy that infuses us and allows us to create. The key is not to hinder or suppress that energy but to give it free flow. And that begins by daring to begin.

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