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Fight Infections with Garlic!

For a quarter century now, my husband and I have not taken man-made antibiotics. Those drugs deplete one’s body of beneficial bacteria, leading to yeast infections, diarrhea and/or constipation, and poor digestion. God has given us food and herbs that are better to heal infections!

One powerful food you can use is garlic. In my homeopathy practice, along with a homeopathic remedy given orally to a child with ear infections, some mothers would chop a little garlic, mix it with olive oil, and place it in the child’s ear. When the infection cleared, it wouldn’t come back – as is so often the case when antibiotics are used.

While in mainland China on a mission trip I developed a vaginal yeast infection. From a book on natural healing, I knew to peel a clove of garlic and insert it as a suppository at night. (No, you don’t have to tie a string to it!) The next morning, I removed the garlic and was good as new. Years later, a doctor I knew had his wife try the garlic remedy. They were so impressed with the efficacy of the simple solution he began to tell his female patients about it!

During the time Jim was in prison, many of the men experienced sore throats and colds. Jim bought a bag of garlic powder in the commissary, ate the garlic daily, and did not get sick. He shared his garlic with some sick inmates, and they recovered quickly while the rest continued to suffer.

There are many herbs and vitamins that one can use to support the immune system, but dietary supplements are not always available. Especially in those situations, it’s good to have knowledge about common foods like garlic that one can use for health and healing.

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