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What to Do About Football Head Injuries

It’s fall, and in America that means football!

While much as been made about pro players standing or not for the flag, a more serious issue has been the discovery of permanent, irreversible brain injury due to concussions incurred by head trauma. You don’t have to be a pro to be at risk for chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

The poet James Wright set his poem “Autumn begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio” in a high-school football stadium, writing: “Their sons grew suicidally beautiful / At the beginning of October, / And gallop terribly against each other’s bodies.” My chiropractor would agree with Wright’s description of the sport, and wishes his patients simply wouldn’t play football. He also realizes that boys will be boys and many love the game, and so wishes they at least get regular chiropractic adjustments, if play they must.

Professor of criminal law at New York Law School, Robert Blecker, wrote an Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal (Oct. 14-15, 2017) calling for President Trump to do as Teddy Roosevelt did in 1905: urge the leading football powers to make “radical innovations” to reduce the brutality of the sport. The rules in 1906 were subsequently modified to make the game safer. One such change was the legalization of the forward pass, said to lower the number of fatalities from 18 the previous year, down to 11.

One proposed rule change, recently rejected, is the suggestion to change how lineman line up. Instead of starting in a three point stance, lineman would begin standing, and throw their opponents aside instead of crashing into each other. As mentioned, that proposal has been rejected by the league.

I come from a family of football players. While my father forbade my brother to play, citing the fact that my parents’ had just spent a lot of money on braces for him (he participated in track and field instead), my husband and stepson Eric both played and are ardent fans. My husband Jim says his life was saved by football; a high school coach took him under wing, and he and the sport kept Jim off the streets. His first professional job was as head football coach for Pennington Prep in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, however, Jim suffered many concussions during the years he played, never saw a chiropractor, and didn’t know to take homeopathic Arnica. Eric at least had the benefit of Arnica.

There are several homeopathic remedies for head trauma, but the #1 head trauma specific is Arnica montana. Taken as soon as possible, Arnica has the ability to protect the brain by reducing swelling. (It can also heal bleeding/bruising from contusion.) One can obtain the remedy in a health store, but usually no higher than a 30c potency. That may do, but better to get a 1M potency, which is higher, to match the remedy's energy power to the severity of the injury. To obtain the higher potency, contact a Homeopathic Remedy supplier to order by phone or online.

This mom always brought Arnica to football games, and Eric had his own vial of Arnica pellets while away at Prep school and college. Enjoy the season, but play it safe!

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